Time flies when you do what you love. Looking back Julia, Marc, Mike & Phil played nearly all the stages of their hometown, now they’re taking over the rest of the world. Richie Kotzen was touring with the four piece around Europe. After having released an EP and an album, indie-magazines (Rockstar mag), international radio, as well as rock originators (Metalhammer) took great interest in these four rednecks. It might be because The Konincks dash head-on into poetry and rhythms with a fierce heart. Wailing guitars and hypnotic compositions like there’s no tomorrow. Looking forward, ‘the world comes into being: 2017’ starts with the new single ‘DAYTIME/NIGHTTIME’; a taste of the upcoming EP. Julias emphatic voice won’t indulge in Patti Smith comparisons. Instead, she evolves an intense independence, grounding and stimulating the listener. Two years ago the music of The Konincks originated from old souls, now they contribute greatly to the zeitgeist of our time. Vehement, relentless, dew-fresh, approachable; all of this while remaining subtle. A trait that today’s radio often lacks. This spring there is no way around The Konincks impending arrival between illusion and reality; raw force and prowess.


from left to right: Mike Wegmüller (Gitarre), Julia Herzog (Gesang), Philipp Kost (Drums), Marc Wermelinger (Bass)

Foto: Sandro Burkhalter