New single Daytime/Nighttime out now – video clip – free download

Our new single is out! Watch the video below, stream on Spotify, iTunes and others or use this link for a free download!

Free Download

Acquaint yourself with: The Konincks (CH) “Daytime/Nighttime“

Singer, Julia, belts out the first phrase, fragments of melodies follow, restless grooves complement the whole spectrum of their colours. The Konincks unleash primal forces with their new track ‘Daytime/Nighttime’. Jack White is grinning ’round the corner, and Ritchie Blackmore would give his blessing. The four-piece chose a distinct and evident musical method: They expand their psychadelic blues to encompass a vibrant contemporary blues rock. ‘Daytime/Nighttime’ is The Konincks’ first single off their upcoming EP. Welcome to the year 2017 – big time!


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